About A Precious Pet Resort

The way we treat our companion animals has changed drastically in the past thirty years. A Precious Pet Resort was built on the philosophy of those changing attitudes. We feel that the unconditional love your pet gives you everyday should be returned when you have to go away. Based on dog psychology we built our resort from the ground up to provide what we feel is the best, stress-free care possible.

What other kennels with chain link cages offer; that you won't find here.

  • No privacy. Dogs walking by a kennel can make eye contact with dogs inside this can be stressful for a nervous dog or cause injury from fence fighting.
  • The chain-link is noisy. If a dog jumps on it the noise echoes through the building adding stress.
  • Common canine illnesses can spread easily since chain-link is not a barrier for diseases.
  • Dogs can gulp down food,(which can cause bloat and vomiting) when they feel other dogs could be a threat due to lack of privacy.
  • The lack of privacy can cause dogs to loose sleep.
  • Fence fighting
  • Guillotine doors give your dog no personal contact all day. Your dogs stay will have no real human contact.
  • You will end up paying extra for any walks, play-time, human or canine contact. If the kennel is extremely busy your dog may not get what you pay for!

Our guarantee to all social dogs is the opportunity to go out and play with other boarders and our day-care dogs every day.

Unaltered or aggressive dogs that cannot be safely socialized get alone time with the staff where they can play ball, take a dip in the pool and run around in our large play-area.

Since we were built in 2008 we are also very eco-conscious when it comes to the resources we use. It is our goal to make our carbon paw print as small as possible! We have radiant heat floors for winter, in the summer because the concrete is set in the ground, the floor is naturally cool. We also keep the lights in the kennel off for most of the day, which provides a soothing and tranquil atmosphere for the dogs.