Frequently Asked Questions

What information is required for my dog?

You need updated proof of Rabies, Bordatella, and DHLPP. We can not take dog tags as proof of rabies, as tags can be removed, changed from dog to dog or stolen.

What should I bring for my dog?

We encourage you to bring anything you feel would make your dog more comfortable. Bedding from home brings familiarity, and 'home' smells, some dogs may chew their beds, even if they have never done so before.

Chewing is an anxiety releasing behavior so chew toys, non-rawhide treats, and treat dispensing toys like kongs are all suggested. We suggest bringing your dog's own food for dietary consistency. We feed top of the line grain free dog food. Most dog foods contain grains, corn glutens and dyes.

Can my dog get bitten?

Anytime that you put more than one dog together the answer is always yes. We have found that most fights tend to occur between dogs that live together. Dogs can also unintentionally injure each other during play.

We reduce the risk of dogfights by testing all new dogs with the resident training dog before we put them into the general population. We also put dogs out in groups based on age and energy level as well as size.

Our staff also consists of experienced and knowledgeable dog handlers who have been working with dogs for years.

Again, if your dog has any issues that could trigger a fight (toy, ball aggression, fixation on objects, fear of certain breeds etc,)let us know!

I have a dog aggressive dog... can I still board?

The answer is NO. Dog aggressive dogs that cannot be safely integrated into play and socialization.

Are there any breeds you don't take?

We take all breeds of dog and unless they are a hazard due to aggression issues to the staff, everyone is welcome! For all of those dog owners who have experienced breed related prejudices you don't have to worry about that here!

When should I NOT board my dog?

Ill Dogs (cats): If your dog is sick or you feel it may harbor any parasites, please take your pet in for a check-up and get clearance from your Vet that your pet is not contagious and safe to board.

Pregnant dogs (cats): Dogs (cats) that are pregnant could become easily stressed in a kennel environment and should not be boarded.

Elderly Dogs(cats): We commonly board elderly dogs and cats in our facility but it should be understood that an elderly dog (senior is considered 7 and up) especially one in failing heath, could die of natural causes or the complications of pre-existing issues while in our care.