Manchester Pet Boarding

*The check-out time for all boarding is 12:00 pm. After 12 pm the dogs are put into the daycare program and charged $3.00 for any part of an hour.


Mon-Fri: 7:00am/5:30pm Sat: 9am/3pm Sun: 9am/10am Holiday Hours Closed: Easter, July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years Eve at 1:00 pm and New Year's Day.


Don't need to leave your pet overnight? No problem! We offer daycare at $3.99 an hour to non boarding dogs. You can pick the hours you need daycare for, just call us the day before!

Included in Boarding Price:

  • Water changed and refilled as needed through out the day.
  • Snacks (Milk Bone dog Biscuts, raw marrow bones)
  • Daily "maid" service
  • Unlimited Daycare!

There is a 2.00 a day charge for meds

Depending on our grooming schedule, grooming appointments,baths and nail trims may be scheduled during your pet's stay.

Dog Boarding

No Chain Link Kenneling Anywhere inside Building!
Prices are per-dog.

We offer 4 Accommodation Sizes:

  • Medium (60 lb max) - 4' x 5' suite - $42.99 per night ($36.99 for second dog)
  • Large (100 lb max) - 5' x 5' suite - $46.99 per night ($40.99 for second dog)
  • Extra Large (no maximum) - 6' X 5' suite - $49.99 per night ($43.99 for second dog)

Family Suite Please call for details.

(We reserve the right to refuse to keep what we deem too many dogs in the family suite at one time based on size and temperment. Overcrowding can cause serious fights, even with 'family' members.)

Caged Pets

(To minimize stress, please bring your own cage, and pet's food if possible)
$10.99 per night for small mammals (rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc)
$10.99 per night for birds

Daily cage clean-out

One on one affection and stimulation from staff/volunteers

We have several staff members on board who are seasoned small animal and exotic bird handlers, owners and groomers.

We even house a few permanent resident exotics, and we occsionally have adoptable birds available.

For safety, we do not allow staff that has never had bird/small animal experience or training to handle exotic pets.