About A Precious Pet Resort

It is important to us to do our part to ensure that the future is greener and cleaner for both people and our pets.

Every little bit counts and if we all contributed a little, the difference would be a lot!

We air dry our laundry!

You might not be suprised to hear that caring for all of the animals produces a LOT of laundry! Towels, bedding, bed covers and beds wind up in our 'dirty pile' by the washer every day. We use a high efficiency washer and we line-dry year round!

We are NOT a 'wash down' facility!

Washdown kennels clean their kennel area by hosing it down grooves in the cement and down drains. As you might suspect it takes a LOT of water and chemicals to do this. We go into each suite separately using only the necessary amounts of cleaners and water. This not only saves water it minimizes the amount of cleaner going into the sewage systems.

We use electricity sparingly.

If you have come to visit us before you might notice that the lights are sometimes off in the kennel area. Not only does this provide a more soothing den-like atmosphere to your pets,(who wants to be under flourecent lighting all day?) it saves a LOT of electricity!

We use natural biodegradable cat litter.

Our customers get natural cedar cat litter that is environmentally safe and naturally biodegradable.

We recycle!

Our business takes advantage of the Henniker Recycling center and we encourage you to do so too! Everything we can recycle gets carted down there! Feeding your dog a high quality diet means you can feed less. More of the food is used by your dogs body resulting in less waste and the natural whole ingredients disperse and go back into the envoronment faster than waste from low quality foods.

We can use your old newspapers and flyers!

We have a LOT of bird cages to clean.

We can use your old towels, bedding, or gently used dog beds, toys, leashes and collars!

Are you thinking of redoing the bedding and you don't need that old comforter taking up space any more? Looking to ditch those old towels and blankets? Has your dog grown out of his puppy bed?

We can use all of these things!